Karvy is one of the well-known brokerage firms is based out of Hyderabad and is a part of the country’s prominent business group – Karvy Group.


Karvy Group was set up by a group of 5 qualified chartered accountants in 1982.

Key numbers of Karvy Group:

  • Counted among top 5 in its field;
  • Serves over 70 million customers; and
  • Customer base has more than 600 corporate houses

This Group initially started with financial services, but now has broadened its business base to include data processing and managing segments as well.

The entity of the group engaged in broking business is Karvy Stock Broking Limited (KSBL). It caters to retail as well as institutional investors. It has been awarded the BSE order of Merit award and SKOCH – BSE Inspiring Nation award. These awards have been presented to Karvy considering their contribution to educating the potential investors and encouraging them to invest.

On account of its first ranking in the asset value generation genre, This broking house was awarded the NSDL star performer award in 2014.

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Karvy Brokerage charges and fees

Karvy Brokerage Charges

Karvy being a prominent broking house provides a wide variety of brokerage offerings. Let’s have a look at Karvy Brokerage Charges & fee structure.

The company provides a trading account for no cost & the annual maintenance cost of the trading account is also zero. While their demat account opening cost is also zero but they charge yearly AMC of Rs.500.

Karvy Brokerage Plans – They have two types of brokerage structure. 1st is for Retail broking customers of low worth & 2nd for premium customers. Let’s check them out here in the table.

SegmentRetail PlanPremium Plan
Flat Monthly Fee0 – 1 lakh1 lakh plus
Equity Delivery0.3%0.1%
Equity Intraday0.03%0.01%
Equity Futures0.03%0.01%
Equity OptionsRs.30 per lotRs.10 per lot
Currency Futures0.03%0.01%
Currency OptionsRs.30 per lotRs.10 per lot

Just a Comparison between Karvy’s Brokerage plans to other mid-segment brokers. It seems they have a very good brokerage plan with a detailed technical analysis team. Kary is a very good option for any prospect looking for a decent brokerage with full fledge support of decent quality service.

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Karvy Offers

Free Demat Account

This Company has pushed for Free Demat Account offers along with various brokers but they have interestingly pushed quite a lot for Free Trading Account as well. This makes the company a thinking company doing something or the other to engage their prospects & clients.

Competitive Brokerage

Brokerage offerings of Karvy are also very competitive and they also use their highly competitive brokerage plan as a promotion stunt. Their premium plan contains brokerage of 0.1% for delivery & 0.01% for intraday which attracts a lot of clients.

15 Minute Demat Account

Another important service offering from Karvy is a 15-minute demat account opening commitment to the prospects. They rely highly on this offer & their prospect also appreciates this offer significantly.

Brokerage Cashback

This Brand is also offering brokerage reversal of Rs. 5500 to their prospects who open a demat account with them. This offer is launched for a month in Jan 2017. This seemed to be a very interesting offer as it gives a massive benefit to the client.

These offers running for the brand are quite a high impact offers in this industry. The kind of offers they are promoting currently, it seems that they are very aggressive in the market.

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Karvy Products and services

Karvy offers a complete range of products to deal in like equity, DEMAT, F&O, currency, commodity, mutual fund, IPO, NCDs, Bonds, FDs, etc. The company also offers services to NRIs.

For the products offered, the company provides the following services:

  • Equity:
    • Day trading
    • Delivery trading
    • AMO (aftermarket order) – This facilitates customers to place order post working hours of the market
    • Limit order – This facilitates customers to specify the price at which an order should be executed.
    • Basket order – This facilitates customers to place multiple orders at one go.
    • BTST (Buy today sell tomorrow) – This facilitates the customer to dispose of the shares that were purchased a day ago without even receiving the delivery.
    • Market order
    • Cover order – This is like a sell stop-loss order. This facilitates the customer to place 2 orders at one go – one to buy order and another to sell stop-loss order.
    • Bracket order – This facilitates the customer to place two contrary orders such that loss is limited and certain profit is ensured. For example, a BUY order will have a high side sell limit order and lower side sell stop order.
  • F&O: – Karvy offers trading in index F&O and stock F&O.
  • Currencies – Karvy offers 4 different class of currencies to trade in – USD, GBP, JPY, and EUR

Other services provided by Karvy are:

  • Margin funding – This lets the customer purchase shares from their margin money
  • Karvy priority account – With this priority account, the customer benefits certain privileges like exclusive trade reports, personalized portfolio management. For having a priority account, one needs to invest a minimum of INR 5 lacs as margin money.
  • Depository Participant access
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Wealth Management Services

Other than these services, Karvy provides a wide range of tools like EMI calculator, Insurance calculator, Loan Calculator, Retirement planning tool, Monthly SPI tool, etc.

Karvy Trading platforms

The platform has 3 variants – desktop, online and mobile. The following has been mentioned below.

  1. Karvy Online Web – It is a browser-based platform, it provides all kinds of features like real-time trading, technical analysis, reports, charts, wishlist creation & more.
  2. Karvy Online Trade – It is a mobile application that helps clients to check all the information on the go. It is a feature stuffed mobile trading platform with access to all markets & works with all types of asset segments.
  3. Karvy Nest Trading Application – Karvy Nest is a Next-Generation Electronic Securities Trading Platform. It is a downloadable application works on the web. This is a very high-speed platform with all trading related features available.

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Karvy Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

Karvy, to keep its client abreast of the various market scenarios, releases publishes various dockets:

  • Daily reports:
    • Morning moves – This report predicts the expected moves in market for the day
    • Daily Wrap Up – This report captures a review of the movement in the market on that day and also reviews the report “Morning moves”
  • Weekly report – Karvy Bazaar Baatein

This is an e-newsletter that summarises the pattern of the market and other information, tips, market predictions, etc.

  • Monthly report – The Finapolis

Various reports and newsletters published by the group are then added to a monthly magazine which acts as a repository to various knowledge letters rolled out by the company. It provides stock broking, depository participant, personal financial advisory services, merchant banking services, corporate finance, wealth management, etc. It also offers products like mutual funds, bonds, and fixed deposits. Karvy has also been registered as NBFC.

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