SBI, one of country’s largest bank, has extended an arm and set up a brokerage house named SBI Securities.

SBICap Securities Review & Ratings

About SBI Securities

The brokerage firm offers a wide range of products and services for engaging in investment and trading. It caters to individuals, corporates/institutions and even NRIs. In fact, this set up has a dedicated help desk for dealing with NRI related queries and concerns.

SBI Cap was recognized to have the highest grade -“BQ1” by CRISIL on the quality of Operations and Service.

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SBI Securities Brokerage Charges and fees

Account openingIndividual – INR 500/-
Others      – INR 1,000/-
Annual maintenance chargesIndividual – INR 400/-
Others      – INR 800/-
Demat transaction charges: 
·         With POA 
·         Online Instructions 
·         Offline instructions
·         Buy- market and off-market 
·         Failed/ Rejected transaction
0.01% (Min. Rs 21, Max. Rs 300 
0.01% (Min. Rs 21, Max. Rs 300 
0.04% (Min. Rs 30) 
INR 10 per transaction
Cash market0.075%0.50%Minimum of 5 paisa
Derivative – Future0.03%0.05%Minimum of 1 paisa
Derivative – OptionINR 50INR 100Prices are per lot 
Currency derivate – Future0.015%0.015%– 
Currency derivate – OptionINR 20INR 30Prices are per lot 

SBI Securities Offers

SBI Securities Brokerage Charges and fees

SBI Securities is one of the major service broker brands which don’t provide any offer to their client. The company works entirely on its massive brand name & vast customer base. They don’t promote their security business either rather they only cross-sell to their existing clients.

SBI Securities Products and Services

SBI Cap offers a great range of products. It deals in majorly all the financial products prevailing in the industry.

A list of products offered is provided below:

  • Equity/Equity derivatives
  • Currency derivatives
  • Demat account
  • Initial public offers
  • Mutual funds
  • Offer for sale – i.e. promoters diluting their stake in listed companies
  • Non-convertible debentures
  • New fund offers – i.e. close-ended fund of which investors can purchase certain units
  • Home loans
  • Car loans
  • Electronic transfer funds

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For the above-mentioned product range, a varied spectrum of services is also offered. These are briefed below:

  • Equity
  • Trading on BSE/NSE
  • Intraday
  • Delivery
  • T+5 – Under this, the customers buy shares by paying only a margin and can later either square off the position or take delivery within a period of 5 days.
  • AMO i.e. After Market Order – This facilitates the customers to place trade after regular trading hours

The order types available for equity instruments are:

  • Limit order
  • Market order
  • Stop Loss Trigger Price
  • Stop Loss Limit Order
  • Stop Loss Market Order
  • Equity derivatives – F&O
  • SBI Cap lets you buy or sell through Index future as well as stock future
  • The above-mentioned order types i.e. limit order, market order, stop loss trigger order, stop loss limit order and stop-loss market order are applicable to equity derivate as well.
  • AMO facility is also available in case of equity derivative trading.
  • Currency derivatives
  • SBI Cap serves currency derivative trading through NSE Exchange.
  • The above-mentioned order types i.e. limit order, market order, stop loss trigger order, stop loss limit order and stop-loss market order are applicable to equity derivate as well.
  • AMO facility is also available in the case of commodity derivative trading.
  • Demat account
  • This brokerage house offers dematerialization services, rematerialization services (for scrips eligible to be retained in physical form), pledging of shares against a credit availed in case of a DP account.
  • Initial public offers
  • Mutual funds – SBI cap lets an investor even transact in mutual funds through exchange or SIP (systematic investment plan).
  • Offer for sale – This facility is available to retail as well as non-retail investors
  • Non-convertible debentures
  • New fund offers – this facilitates investors to invest in mutual funds through an initial offer
  • Home loans
  • Car loans
  • Electronic transfer funds – SBI Cap offers the investors to deal in listed ETFs like S&P CNX Nifty, BSE Sensex, CNX Bank Index, CNX PSU Bank Index, which are traded on an exchange

SBI Securities Trading Platform

This house offers online as well as offline trading platforms. For online trading, one simply needs to login to the specified website.

It has also launched a mobile app platform for trading – “SBISMART”. The app and the online account can be linked. The app flashes instant quotes and updates, lets the trader place/modify/square off an order. Apart from having a check on the order, it also lets the customer access various research reports available on the portal/app.


SBI Cap encourages investors who wish to invest as per their own analysis. It offers such tools, guides, and learning modules to equip the investors with basic as well as advance trips and tricks of trading.

  • Decisive Screeners – this tool, based on certain pre-determined criteria, flashes only relevant quotes and information which is relevant for the investor
  • Heat map – This screen provides consolidated data sector-wise, provides combined holding information. It is claimed that this feature dramatically reduces investor’s time in analyzing and understanding the information.
  • Bubble map – This represents a correlative graph of various stocks indicating the change in the prices (in terms of percentage).
  • Financial map – This screen provides a snapshot of the company’s financial position and performance over a period of last years.

Simplified investor education – SBI Cap to educate its investors has launched certain videos for explaining the investors on various concepts of the stock market.

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